Not your ordinary photo booth

Gather your prom date and best friends to pose in front of an interactive photo booth. Practically Magic Photo Mirror gives you access to the first interactive photo booth of its kind. The Mirror Me Booth has more than 200 built-in animations to light up your prom in Boise, ID.

There are so many ways to customize the photo booth to fit your prom night. Prom guests can: 

  • Add designs to their photos with bright and colorful graphics.

  • Sign directly onto the mirror to put their stamp on the photos.

  • Add a school logo or graphic to personalize the photos.

  • Have their photo sent to their phone as a text message.

Voice guidance and a touch screen make the Mirror Me Booth easy and fun to use. Contact Practically Magic Photo Mirror right now to book the Mirror Me Booth for your prom night.


The Mirror Me Booth is the perfect addition to your graduation party or ceremony. Graduation may be the last time you and your high school friends are together before going off for college. Save your graduation memories forever when you print off your favorite photos to display in your dorm room. Call Practically Magic Photo Mirror today to book an interactive photo booth for your prom or graduation ceremony in the Boise, ID area.