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Valentines for the Romantics

Photo booths do not seem to generally play a big part in the Valentines experience, but they certainly could. I have lots of ideas about how to incorporate the photo booth into Valentines events.

Today I would like to talk about how to make your Valentines a special occasion this year (photo booths aside). One way you could make it a special event and one that you will remember for a long time would be to book a photo session as part of your evening out. Try to book the session with other couples to save on the expense. Adding a rose or creating a toast for the photo are both ideas to help create the mood for the photo. Another idea is to have one partner kissing the hand of the other. Alternatively have one partner kiss the forehead of the other. Write a hashtag unique to the two of you on a white or chalk board and display in a photo.

Here are a few other ideas to make the evening special. Some of these ideas I thought of . . . others I found as suggestions online:

  • Go somewhere that has serenading musicians during the meal

  • Book a nice hotel suite for the evening

  • Book a couples massage

  • Give each other a massage

  • Buy matching underwear for the occasion

  • Set the mood in the bedroom with an aromatherapy diffuser and a Bluetooth speaker playing romantic music or maybe a playlist of songs that have meaning you as a couple

  • Make bacon roses for your man

  • How about a helicopter ride over your city

  • Make a Valentines time capsule and set a date to re-open it on a Valentines day in the future

  • Make a new memory. Go play, laser tag, mini golf, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, create a new experience you have never experienced together

  • Recreate a favorite date from your past

Whatever you do remember to be attentive in the moment. Remember how special this person is to you. Make beautiful memories together.

I hope these few ideas will help make your Valentines Day/Night a spectacular experience!

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