• Magic Photo Mirror

Try some of these fun photo booth poses at your next event!

We are always trying to come up with fun new props and poses for our photo mirror. Here are some suggestions for the next time you are at an event where there is a photo mirror or booth.

Fun dip kiss pose at photo booth or photo mirror
Do a dip kiss pose

· Girl leads guy by the tie maybe with guy pretending to struggle to get away.

· Supermodel poses.

· Kiss from either side from Mom and Dad (bride or groom).

· Guys showing muscles or folding arms in tough guy stance.

· Act like you are running across the screen.

· Pretend you are being blown away by the wind.

· Do still shots of dance moves (Disco, Running Man, dab, mannequin challenge, square dance, waltz, tango)

· Fearful of fake grenade

· Fake football moves

· Crazy hashtag writing on whiteboard

· Photobombs

· Bunny hop

· Superman pose

Photo Boot Mirror guests make heart from arms
Create a heart using a hand from one person and another from a second person

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