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Romantic Photo Ideas

Let me just start by saying I am not a portrait or wedding photographer so the idea of this post is not to get you to hire me. I would just like to impart some ideas for romantic photos to my readers in hopes to inspire some creativity into their loving relationship.

There are so many ideas out there. You are truly limited only by your own imagination. My hope is that you will see something on the list that sparks your own imagination to create something truly unique for you and your partner.


There are so many different poses you can try in just about any surroundings or environment. Here are just a few:

· Upside down kiss

· Try a Black and White

· Closeup embrace creating closed space

· Create a color theme with clothing, backdrops and props

· Cuddle

· Use reflections to create a stunning photograph

· Create a heart with hands or bodies

· Hug from behind

· One person lifting the other (variety of ways)

· Foreheads together

· Resting on a bench

· Laying down head to head

· Holding hands (maybe a photo of just the hands)

· Whispering

· A forehead kiss

· Secret kiss

· Almost kiss

· Laying down looking at camera

· Framed by nature

· Feet and legs only

· Silhouettes

· Shadows

· One partner using hands as blindfold

· One partner placing an actual blindfold on the other

· The dip


Choose a spot that both of you like or that has some special meaning to you as a couple:

· Your favorite spot

· Sunset walk or walk on the beach

· Unknown place

· Photo in nature

· Gorgeous view

· Cityscape


Photos are much better when the people in the photos are relaxed and being themselves so

choose some activities that help you and your partner relax and enjoy each other’s company. Here are a few suggestions:

· Have fun – be silly

· Pillow fight

· Food fight

· Horseback riding

· Sailing

· Laugh laugh laugh

· Dance

· Common interest

· Running

· Walking away

· Dipping

· Piggy-back


Create your own full on fantasy. This one requires a little more for-thought, but the end-result can be so much fun and a memory you both won’t forget. Here are a few ideas:

· Create your own fairy tale (maybe even rent costumes and create props/backgrounds)

· Re-enact your first date

· Use blankets as props and try posing in a variety of different ways with the blanket

· Create a stunning aerial shot (you will want to consult with your photographer before you decide on this one. It may require ladders or a drone😊)

All-in-all you just truly want to relax, maybe have a glass of wine and be yourselves in front of the camera. Try to forget the camera is even there, although it’s kind of difficult when the photographer is directing your every move. I hope these tips have helped you create a beautiful romantic photo memory.

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