• Luanna Rozentals

Props or No Props . . . That is the Question

When planning your event with your photo booth/mirror; you should ask your self the

question “what do I need for props”. There are a few things to consider.

First what kind of event is it? If it is a “wedding” you will definitely want to have props. Check with your photo booth vendor and if they don’t offer a set of wedding props you may want to consider purchasing a set. You can usually find these at any party supply store or they can be ordered online. If you are having a “costume party” you may not need any props because your guests have already gone to a lot of trouble to be photo ready!

Second after determining that you need props you should ask your vendor what sort of props they will be bringing. Most events are fine with the normal silly glasses, hats, boas and signs, but if you are hosting a themed event you may want to choose props that are consistent with the theme. Examples of such events would be a movie event, Oscars event, sporting event, dancing event, etc.

Quality props can really help to make your event a success so choose them wisely!

Masquerade party in Oregon
Masquerade Parties need no props!

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