• Luanna Rozentals

Mustache for Mona Lisa

Many of the newer photo booths and photo booth like devices have the ability to add emojis to your photo before printing. After adding the emoji you can place it wherever you like and resize it to your liking. You can add just one or add a multitude.

There is a wide variety of emojis available that depict everything from your emotions to fashion to kisses to poop. There are also quite a few that are only appropriate for an adult audience. When planning your event, if it involves children you should ask your vendor if the emojis are suitable for children. If not ask them if they have a group that is age appropriate.

Virtual props look very much like emojis except they are made in such a way that you can add them as props onto the subject in the photo. There are also a wide variety of virtual props with more coming out quite often. They can be resized, placed where you want them and rotated so they fit on the subject properly. Virtual props are available on many of the newer photo booth like devices. Ask your vendor to see if they offer that feature.

Finally, another fun feature along the same lines is the ability to sign your name on your

photo. After the photo is taken initially you will be prompted to sign your name. You can choose what color you would like for the printed copy. The setup allows for the option to decide where the signature is going to be printed so it doesn’t cover up the important parts of the photo.

For those of you who like to draw mustaches on the Mona Lisa (You know who you are!) there is an option to draw on the photo. That option allows the guest to draw anywhere they want in different colors on the photo. Those drawings will then be printed on the final photo and will be there when you receive a digital copy to share on social media.

So, take some liberties! Have some fun. Add some pizazz to your photos!

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