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Boudoir Photo Tips

February is the month of romance. Yes, Valentines is over, but you may still want to do something romantic for that special someone. Here are a few tips to help you plan your Boudoir Session.

First and foremost, choose the photographer wisely. The key is for you to feel comfortable and trust the photographer enough to allow yourself to be somewhat vulnerable. Then book a time to talk to the photographer to come up with a plan for your session. There are a lot of different options (not all having to do with lingerie) that you can choose. Also, be creative. Think about relationship between you and your mate and choose an option that best suits those interests.. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t wait until you get in shape

After choosing your theme/plan, choose your wardrobe accordingly. Your clothing should be new and untorn (unless you are going for more of a “steam punk” look). Bring a selection of outfits if you are not sure which one to choose. Be sure to remove the tags. No “granny panties” allowed. Be sure to bring shoes that will work with your session. Also bring accessories and props (jewelry, scarves, stockings, etc.) If the session is for a wedding, choose something from the wedding to use in the shoot (ie. The vale, garter, grooms vest, etc.) If you are having a difficult time figuring out your style take this quiz from “The Boudoir Studio in New York:

Be sure to have your hair and nails done before the session so all the details look good in the photos. Don’t try new beauty treatments or sun tan right before a session. Do not book your session during your “Time of the month”. Before arriving to the session be sure to avoid wearing tight fitting clothing that could leave marks on your skin. Do your waxing a couple of days before so skin is not irritated. Make sure to shave everything that needs it. Get a good night’s sleep before your session. DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN!

DO NOT come to the session with a ”buzz on”. Do not eat a heavy meal before your session. Do not stress about the session. Practice poses at home in front of the mirror before coming so you begin to feel more comfortable and know what is working for you. If you feel it would make you more comfortable bring your best friend with you. DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO THE SESSION (I know it seems obvious, but it happens). Enjoy the pampering and have a good time!

Just a note: Practically Magic Photo Mirror is a photo booth – like experience. We do not do boudoir photography. We just thought it might be nice to provide some insight in case you wanted that sort of experience during this month of romance.

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