Get acquanted with Luanna and George, owners of Practically Magic Photo Mirror

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Add a Touch of Magic to Your Next Event

Practically Magic Photo Mirror for Your Next Event


George and Luanna bought the Practically Magic Photo Mirror in July of 2018. It was been a fun and exciting adventure so far. We are fortunate because our business is having fun! So far we have always been blessed to be around fun loving people at the events we have attended.

We are both always at each event. George manages the props and makes sure people get their print. Luanna helps people pose for the photo mirror. Those who hire us never need to have anyone at the mirror to manage it.

The mirror is an upscale photo booth-like experience. Those who hire us get a customized virtual frame (called an overlay) created especially for their event. Photos can be texted to the guests if they choose so they can reprint them and/or share them on social media.

Our customers now have a second less expensive option, the "Boothless photo booth". You get the same great features, but at a less expensive rate.

We truly want the experience to be fun for all those who attend!

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